Saturday, January 1, 2011

India travel tips for safe & enjoyable travel time in India

1. Tips for Travel in India
A)Always carry your passport,wallet
B)Also carry Travel brochures and maps
C)If you place any valuables in luggage,hide them in the lower section of the bags.
D)Check the weather history/forecast for the area you are going to.
F)before you go to bed at night,turn the bathroom light on,leave the door open just a crack.
G)Avoid packing a lot of needless clothes.
H)Never let the real thing out of your sight
I)Don't accept an offer to share a taxi to your hotel unless you know the individual.
J) Always carry the number of your tour operator and hotels with you.

2.Tips for stay in a hotel
A)Obtain a safety box upon check-in,for your passport,visa airlines ticket,most of your cash,jewellery and valuables.Carry only passport photocopy.
B)Avoid displaying the sign requesting room-cleaning service.
C)keep a television or radio switched on in the room when out, it gives the impression that the room is occupied.

3.When you are victim of a crime.
A)Don't resist a robbers,your life or safety is more important than whatever you are carrying.
B)contact the embassy and the appropriate airlines if passport or ticket is lost
4.Always change money at a bank or hotel.
5.Never buy railway/air tickets or book hotel rooms through touts.

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