Monday, June 25, 2012

Tajmahal - The Monument of Love - Hidden Facts - Black Tajmahal

We all acknowledge Tajmahal as one of the most beautiful and dynamic monument existing on the planet here I will like to tell you something about the monument named as black Taj Mahal, which is something very special and has a very deep relationship with the Taj. After the completion of Tajmahal, Emperor Shah Jahan planned to create a carbon copy of this Tajmahal, not in a real manner but in a virtual one. The Mehtab Bagh which is just to opposite of Tajmahal, adjacent to the Yamuna river was once the idea of Emperor Shahjahan to convert in to a virtual Tajmahal. He structured the layout of the Mehtab bagh fully identical with that of Tajmahal base area and planned to cover it fully with black granite. His idea was to create a shadow of the Tajmahal on that black granite during the day as well as moonlight thus constructing a Tajmahal formed by the shadow of the real Tajmahal.
Mehtab Bagh Octagonal platform

It was the weirdest of idea of that time, an idea that is not known by many people. This idea as we may assume had a lot of potential but before this potential materialized, Emperor Shahjahan was captured by his son Emperor Aurangjeb and put into prison. Had this idea being materialized, this Tajmahal and its copy would no doubt be the most historical monument of all times.
Tajmahal complex Layout

Sometimes whenever i stand at Tajmahal and face Mehtab Garden in front of me, I imagine the same virtual Black Tajmahal shining on the virtual black surface in front of me and only the one imagination of that unmade monument invigorates me with such intense joy and excitement which i even didn't encountered when i saw the real Tajmahal for the first time in my life.
Mehtab Bagh View from Tajmahal

Tajmahal view from Mehtab Bagh

Gaurav Kumar
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